ASCH hosts two events each year. The Fall conference tends to be our main event with several panels and presentations on a theme; Spring meetings are usually smaller events, often at a local historical society. Information on upcoming and past conferences can be found below.

Spring 2023 Conference: To be held at Central Connecticut State University on March 16; titled, “Declaring Freedom.”

Fall 2023 Conference: To be held at The Old State House, Hartford; titled, “Teaching Native American History in the Classroom and Beyond;” October 20.

Fall 2020 Conference: Held virtually via Zoom, titled “Black Lives Matter in Historical Perspective” on November 14.

Spring 2020 Meeting: This meeting was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fall 2019 Conference: Held at Central CT State University, titled “Suffrage and the History of Women’s Rights in CT” on November 2.

Spring 2019 Meeting: The ASCH spring meeting, scheduled for April 27, was canceled.

Fall 2018 Conference: Jointly sponsored with the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society and the University of Connecticut School of Law, titled “The Constitution of 1818 and its Times.” This conference was held November 3 at the UConn School of Law in Hartford.

Spring 2018 Meeting, “Using Oral History and Popular Culture to Teach Connecticut History.”

Fall 2017 Conference, “Uncomfortable Conversations: Religion and Politics in New England”

Spring 2017 Meeting, “Using Local Sources.”

Fall 2016 Conference   “Land of Steady Innovation: Connecticut and the New”

Spring 2016 Meeting  “Textiles, Industrialization and Immigration in Connecticut”

Fall 2015: “Connecticut and the Great War” held at Central Connecticut State University

Spring 2015: “Crime, Punishment, and Mercy in Connecticut” held at Wethersfield Historical Society

Fall 2014: “Work and Working People in Connecticut” held in Hartford (Capital Community College and the Old State House)

Spring 2014:“Connecticut Cites: Past, Present, and Future” held at Fairfield University

Fall 2013: “300 Years in Northeastern Connecticut: The Not-So-Quiet Corner” The Pomfret School

Spring 2013:“Law and Orders: Connecticut’s Legal and Political History” held in Memorial Hall, Connecticut State Library

Fall 2012: “Connecticut and New England in the War of 1812” held at Connecticut College

Spring 2012: “Alchemy, Sanctuary and the Environment” held at The Woodstock Historical Society

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