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Fall 2018 Call for Papers

 CALL FOR PAPERS – “The Connecticut Constitution of 1818 and its Times: A Conference,” November 3, 2018, UCONN School of Law, Hartford, Connecticut

The Connecticut Constitution of 1818, celebrating its bicentennial this year, marked a turning point in Connecticut history in many ways. At the same time that the Constitution erected the state’s modern frame of government that we still largely enjoy today, Connecticut’s economic, political and social life underwent significant changes signaling the start of the state’s industrial revolution.

To celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of this watershed, the Association for the Study of Connecticut History, the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society, and the University of Connecticut School of Law jointly call on scholars, lawyers and other researchers to propose papers and panels exploring every legal, social and political dimension of this critical early 19th century transformation.

Potential presenters are encouraged to offer papers that examine specific features of the Constitution of 1818 or that explore other aspects of its historical era. Topics might include precursors to and origins of the Constitution, the convention that created it, its vital features, and its long-term legacy for Connecticut law and governance. Moreover, potential presenters are also invited to propose papers analyzing any other facet of 19th century Connecticut and the social and political environment surrounding the constitution’s creation. Suggested topics include voting rights, the manufacturing revolution, transportation and technological changes, race relations, women’s roles, and partisan politics.

Those interested in presenting should submit a paper or panel title, 250-word abstract and curriculum vitae to Deadline: September 30, 2018.