Bruce Fraser Award

For best work on a significant aspect of Connecticut’s public history as practiced within and outside of academic institutions, including historical societies, museums, libraries, archives, and documentary makers. The types of works that are eligible include monographs, articles, exhibitions, films, public programming, television programs, CDs, DVDs, or electronic resources. Established 2011.


2012    Connecticut Civil War Commemoration Commission (CCWCC):  for extraordinary service to spur public remembrance and understanding of Connecticut’s comprehensive engagement with the Civil War.

2013    New London Historical Society, Mystic Seaport, Stonington Historical Society, New London Maritime Society, and Lyman Allyn Art Museum:  for the exhibition “The Rockets’ Red Glare—Connecticut and the War of 1812.”

2014    New Haven Museum and Historical Society, for the exhibition Beyond the New Township: Wooster Square.

2015    Gunn Memorial Library & Museum, Washington, Connecticut: for its exhibition, Over There: Washington and the Great War.”

2016    Dione Longley and Buck Zaidel, Heros for all Time: Connecticut Civil War Solders Tell Their Stories (Wesleyan University Press, 2015)